Boo Custom Strings
Pictures of game taken by people using my strings
Matt Stabler, British Columbia
Creed from NC using my strings and arrows!
Bella from NC using my string and arrows!
Jeff Leonard
Bob Mastroianni
Peter Balfour, the Excalibur Marketing Dude
With my boo string I am able to spend much more time shooting and much less time adjusting than any other string I've used, and the results are great,,,, this is my Jan. 2015 Ohio Buck Bob Saum
Jeff Leonard
Benjamin Dorward
Ian Trood
Gerry Bourgoin
Mike Phillips
Steve White
Gerry Bourgoin 2013
Chase Bourgoin, apprentice hunter 2013
Dave Van Duynhoven 2013
Chris Wein
David Van Duynhoven
Mark McGuffey, Kentucky
Davey Meloy
Gerry Bourgoin does it again!!!
Well what started out as a coyote hunt turned out for me to have an encounter with a buck I have had a lot of history with for the past 5 years. On Saturday I checked my camera and there were a few deer showing up including the buck that I shot , but what made want to go out on Saturday afternoon was that on my camera for the last three afternoons in a row there were 2 coyotes coming in to eat the apples and I thought I would go and try my luck with them since a friend of mine wants to mount one.
So it was raining steady but I thought I would be ok due to I would be in a ground blind and sheltered from the rain. so I settled in for the afternoon hunt and the steady pitter patter of the rain on the ground blind almost hypnotized me. Then at 6:21 I catch a glimpse of white in the bushes and out steps this buck. I only had to look at him for one second and noticing the huge body on him that I was going to try and take him. So as soon as he lowered his head I raised the crossbow and soon I was looking at his chest through the scope. I settled the crosshairs on the sweet spot low on the shoulder and let the Boo string push a lighted firebolt right off the rail of my phoenix. The bolt cutter found it's mark and that familiar sound of a hit like a paper bag being smacked was heard. Off he went like a rocket and I quickly put my head out the window to see and listen for him as he ran off , but I only heard the rain.
I waited for a half hour and decide to go back to the house and get the kids for the search. I was worried that the rain would wash any sign of blood, and I was right , when I got back to track him there was nothing no blood, no nothing. So I headed in the direction in which I last saw him go , and soon after a short walk of 65 to 70 yards I could see his rack sticking out of the grass with the flashlight. Oh man I was so happy to find him with no blood trail and no tracks at all.
A couple of field photos in the rain and off to the house to hang him and weigh him , my scale said 240 lbs field dressed. The next morning I went to our local hunting store Chesher outdoors and weighed him in there as well due to I have a big buck ticket there , and he still weighed 240 even. So that put me in first place so far , actually it is the second biggest buck ever weighed in that store ever. I was talking to Bill Chesher and he said the deer looked old and got me thinking that he did look like a deer that I was after a few years ago, but his rack has gone done hill a bit. He definitely is the same buck I have a history with and he has kept his mass but the tine length has gone down a bit which is normal for a deer as he gets older. So with the sheds I have and the age of his sheds that would make him 7 or 8 years old. A real old buck in the deer woods. Very cool to finally get the buck that I hunted for so hard a few years ago and I actually thought he was killed or died somehow due to I never got a pic of him at all last year. I guess he was laying low. He is a clean ten pointer and has got some serious mass through his main beams and I am very proud of him that is for sure.
First deer with a crossbow!!!! Shot this very nice 9 pointer this afternoon, was about 3:30.Snuck in to the stand got settled into the stand. I still have this habit but I like to smoke. So I smoked a cig got done, the wind was right.Did a little bit of calling and light rattling got done, put the rattle bag up that my wife made me.Thats when I heard crunch, crunch coming in hard and fast.He circled around in front of me and came right into me to 15 yards. My Excalibur Vortex did the rest he went 50 yards to a thicket I watched him wobbling and then he disappered. So I sat there smoked a cig, and played yathzee for 30 mins. Got down and tracked him he dressed just a tad over 200 pounds, he will score high 130's.I weigh over 300, and stand 6-1 so that gives you an idea of the body size of this buck. Thank you for looking. God Bless, Mark
Dereck Woolvett Oct 2011 Went out right from work stomach grumbling and everything. Sat from 5:40 till 7:05 when I heard a squirrel that had been behind me all evening so I turned to see what he was doing now and a nice 4 point was standing 20 yds behind me.Made the twist he heard me and turned around then wham right in the shoulder blade. Lousy blood trail but I called a friend( case of beer owed)and he helped me do a sweep and we found him only went 60 to 70 yds. Arrow hit the shoulder blade and angled into the cavity staying in the deer. This was my first Bow harvest very happy with my Excalibur Phoenix and the factory sights.And of course My Boo Custom String. Wife is even happier that the season is done. :D
Noah Hahn, 11 yrs old, using dad's bow took this 13 point buck in Ohio! Yes!!!
Jeff Hahn. OH, 2011. Look at those tines!
Jeff Hahn, OH, 2010, 300 lbs!
Me, Oklahoma 2010. Excalibur Y25!
Gerry Bourgoin
Craig Greent
Ian Ferguson
This is what love to see! This is Clark Steeves' first deer! It took 3 years! Awesome!
A Boo string is the only one that bends the limbs on my Excalibur! John Hilton
He is a 9 pointer (one 2" point is not in view) and field dressed 210 pounds. He was taken with Excal Vortex with one of your custom strings. BTW - the knife you see on the deer is one I made (hobby of mine). Best regards, Gary McCafferty (VTX4)
Rob Milligan
Laura Scharich
Greg Ratcliff
Manitoulin Coyote by Tom Balfe
North East Florida six point Excalibur Equinox Boo String. The string in the picture killed 5 deer last season (2008-2009) after lots of pre season pratice. I still have this string and it is like new. If I am hunting with my crossbow it has a Boo string on it.
Scott Johonson's favorite picture!
Dave Schnarr
Dave Schnarr
Dave Schnarr, jake opening day 2009
Rob White with a 23lb Turkey.
Dave Fadden
Jason Johnston
Hi Don I hope this picture of my Dec 30/07 buck using your string is worthy to post on your new website. It shows the whiskers on the string nicely. I anxiously await to see it on your site. All the best. Hopefully I will be able to get one when I need it, thats if you aren't too busy, just remember the people who bought from you before you hit the big time. Just kidding Don. Thanks, Steve Thomas Greely Ontario
Harold Delano Jr Don, here are 2 bucks with your strings first was a my first crossbow(exocet 200) buck and that had your string on it. 25 yards with a 100grain slick strick. The deer traveled 45 yards after the shot. 20inch spread 8pt Second was my last years bow buck. Taken with the 08 Equinox and your whisker string the deer was 5 yards from my stand straight down. He dropped instantly when the rage 3 blade split his shoulders. He is my biggest crossbow buck to date. Love your strings! Highly dependable when it counts! take care Don;)
The bear was shot this past Sept. 1st. near Kinmount and I think the photo really shows off the Boo string, Craig
Hey Don I really appreciated you making my string with the whiskers on it. I can not believe how much quieter the bow is now. Along with your advice on how to take care of the string for longer life. Your service is second to no one. Thanks again Gerry Bourgoin
I want to thank you again for the strings! Very Happy When I shot at the doe, I remember hearing the bow go off and thinking how quiet it sounded in the woods. Total, between the addition of some LimbSaver rubbers on the back side of the limbs and the new string with cat whiskers I lost about 10 f.p.s. over just the bare Excalibur FF string and no LimbSaver pads, but I would rather loose a little speed than have the bow noisy Big58cal
This mature doe was taken 10/1/09 in Illinois with a Flemish String made by Don, aka BOO. I have used Don's string for 2 years now and have taken 5 deer with them. In my opinion they are the best bow string on the market. I bought two of these strings and am still on the first one. Just follow Don's instructions and you will get lots of shots out of his strings. Kelley
Melanie's second deer and third deer hunt! Westmoreland County Virginia
Dan Flaherty, Excal Y-25, boo Excel w/ served whiskers, STS, 100 gr Slick Trick Mag on a Greywolf custom GT, total weight 446 gr. The shot was taken at 20 yds on a 1000 lb cow buff. The bhead was sticking out the off-side about 2" after cutting a rib in two.
Ian Ferguson
Rick Johnson
Gerry Bourgoin
Tom Brush
I figure he is going to get to the edge of the bush and stop and become caution but no. He charges right out into the open and is heading right towards me. At this point I'm looking at him through the scope so it's hard to tell exactly where he is. To make matters worse I'm having trouble finding the right eye relief so I'm not getting a good picture of him. He continues towards me and actually turns to be almost head-on. I tried to give him a little Baa to stop him but no. He turns back to his left and finally slows down. He's completely broadside at about 15 yards so I let him have it. The Boo string equipped Exomax lets the custom 2216 XX75 made by John tipped with a 100 grain Slick Trick fly. SMACK! For the first time I actually saw the hole in the side of him as he ran off. I guess that's what happens why you get them that close and in the complete open. As he runs off I can see he's starting to wobble as he goes out of site. He's heading down into a little depressed area with a small creek running through it. I'm 99% sure he's down there but I wait. I call Riley to tell him the news. We sit tight for 30 minutes and then Riley comes over to meet me. I can't find my arrow and I can't find any blood but I know he's hit. We walk to where I'm sure he's gone without really trying to find blood. Sure enough Riley finds him piled up in the creek about 50 yards away.
At about 5 pm I watched 4 deer cross from the grain wagons over into the corn field just as I have seen a few times before. About 5 minutes after they vanished into the corn I watched them come bolting back at a full run flags up back into the bush. I figured the way the wind was that they would more than likely swing to the West (my direction) and attempt to circle what ever it was that spooked them. About 15 minutes later I watched as 2 big does emerged infront of me about 50 yards away and heading right towards me. I noticed a smaller deer emerge a few seconds later. I noticed that this deer was moving on 3 legs and its forth was held high almost into its stomach. By now the does were within range .. I watched as the little one moved trying to keep up with the others and thought that the way this one was favouring its back leg I didnt think that it would make the upcoming winter. So a long story short (too late at this point) I let the mature does pass by and waited for the injured one to get witnin 20 yards and then let my Exomax along with Johns custom bolt equipped with a Wasp Cam Loc do what needed to be done .. The deer went approx 50 yards into the bush and I heard it crash .. I left it for 40 minutes and headed back to my truck changed and then made the recovery.