Boo Custom Strings
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With my boo string I am able to spend much more time shooting and much less time   adjusting than any other string I've used, and the results are great,,,,  this is my          Jan. 2015 Ohio Buck                                                                                                                  
Bob Saum                
Hello Don,
I purchased a BOO Custom string from you in 2012 for my Excalibur Equinox and wanted you to know that it continues to perform well above my expectations.   I've put it through a few hundred shot cycles as well as many dozens of cocking and uncocking cycles during the daily hunts for 3 seasons, and the annual stringing and unstringing since it was originally received.   I must say that I am impressed with the string (and of course the Excalibur Equinox crossbow).   It shows very little wear and continues to perform extremely well.
Each time I string the crossbow at the beginning of the hunting season, I've had very little adjustment to make with the string - and the repeatability and accuracy of the combination Excalibur Equinox crossbow and BOO string is absolutely amazing!   I typically string my crossbow and let it sit for a day, then check it and adjust the string if necessary, then check one day later before firing.   The crossbow stays strung (but not cocked) for the entire Maryland Hunting season (mid-September through early January).  In 2013, NO adjustment was necessary the entire season, in 2014 and 2015, only some very minor adjustments were necessary.   
But the most astonishing thing to note is the cost impact of your string on my arrow budget… (well, at least the contribution that the BOO string makes to the overall performance of my Excalibur Equinox crossbow…)…  In TWO of the past 3 years (‘13 and ‘14), I have destroyed an arrow at 30 yds when initially sighting in my crossbow!   Following the stringing and acclimation of the string/crossbow for ~2 days, when I began sighting in the crossbow, my SECOND arrows split my first arrow shot two years in a row.   Wish I would have taken pictures to document this but I just figured it to be a very lucky shot---you know the one that occurs once or twice in a lifetime---until it happened again in 2014!   I am absolutely thrilled with the precision and accuracy of the combination of your string and my Excalibur Equinox, but am also pleased that I didn’t destroy another arrow this year, as sighting it in was becoming quite costly!    
I’ve taken several whitetail deer here in Maryland with the string/bow combination and look forward to the continued tradition.  You can bet that I will be ordering another string from you should anything happen to the one presently strung on my crossbow.    Thanks again for producing a high quality, durable string for my crossbow (it looks good too).
Just providing some feedback from one of your happy customers in Maryland.
Karey J. Kimmel
Don, just wanted to say thanks. Your strings are the best. I find that they are faster, quieter and need less maintenance than my previous strings. I've got two for the table already and confidence I have in your strings played a part.
Blake Usry
Hi, it's Glen Whitewood, just took about 20 shots with the new Flemish string and I know now why they call you a string artist, it's awesome and thank you once again. Have a great day.
Don, they look and shoot great. All I hoped they would be. I got in a couple of shots this afternoon and the cat whiskers really cut the vibrations. Thank you very much!
Chuck Harling
Hi Don.  Just getting around to having some time to update you on my hunt this year. I shot at 6 point buck at 7 yards could not understand how I did not hit him. He Just jumped in the air and did a 180 turn and stood there for 15 minutes. The string with cat whiskers did not scare him off. I was afraid to re-cock  the string until he wandered out to 50 yards. I re-cocked the string put a new bolt in and he suddenly left and in came his twin which I took at 25 yards right through the vitals. When I got down the arrow I had shot at the first Deer was laying on the ground. It had folded in half guess I will use new arrows for hunting in the future instead of ones I've used for target practice. Thanks again for the great string. Steve Ripley Smiths Falls Ontario.

Don, I want to thank you for all you put into the sport of hunting and crossbow shooting. I own two of your Flemish strings that are reserved for hunting.

For casual shooting I use factory Dacron etc, whatever is inexpensive. The problem with cheap strings is the servings fail quickly. Thanks to you, the internet instructions you provided to reserve a crossbow string all may see and learn.

I built your jig that you put on the Forum. I bought one of the serving tools you use (I had a Bearpaw and use both) and I bought Halo and Majesty. Thanks to you, reserving a string takes me about ten minutes. I also learned from you that part of my string wear was overcocking. I have corrected that with slow and smooth.

Thanks again,

You help so many for free!

Oct, 2009:
Hi Don,I shoot a 175LB Exocet Mag Tip in competition. I have won 2 World Championships and finished 2nd 3 times.This bow is 9 years old and going strong.I look forward to using your string in 2010 World Championships.I am on crossbow forum and crossbow nation as kbarr1.Thanks Kenny.

I had to go see Boo today to deliver a few things and he worked on the trigger on my Phoenix.
All I can really say is WOW what a difference.The travel is there but hard to notice and the release is clean.
Even Cocking the bow is smoother.
If anyone says the trigger can not be improved come and shoot mine you will be amazed.

Thanks again Don it is like I have a new bow well worth it.


I shot the new string on the weekend and works great. The noise is reduced and the string didn't creep at all from the set position. Thanks again for your meticulous workmanship and great service.

Hello Don,

I am very well pleased with the Flemish string you wove for me. It is a well made work of art.

My old string came unraveled when I released on a deer.
Fortunately, your Boostring was in my pack ready to deploy.
In the woods, I restrung my Exomax and returned to my stand to slay another!
The length is perfect. No extra twisting required.

BooString with CatWhiskers
CrazyFarmer's Fire Enhanced bolts
Slick Tricks

Two Per Day,
Carl Wilson
Hi Don, would like to take a moment and thank you for a excellent product. I have been lucky enough to harvest a few animals using your strings. They are the best.


I purchased my Boo string with whiskers from Don before the start of the
season in 2008 and installed it on my Exocet at the time.  We went
shooting at the local indoor range and I was shooting side-by-side with
someone with a stock Excalibur string.  The difference in the noise level
was astonishing.  I have since sold the Exocet but kept the Boo string to
transfer over to the Exomax.  To me the addition of a Boo string on an
Excalibur crossbow is not a option, it's a must have.  It makes a great
product even greater.  If this string ever wears out, which I doubt it
will, I'll be ordering another.  Keep up the great work Don!!

Dave Fadden
Boo String owner since 2008

Just wanted to say thanks for a great string and I really appreciate you getting it to me before the start of deer season. My xbow shoots more consistently now than it did when it was new. I absolutely love it and even after reading several reports on how well your strings shoot, I was surprised at how noticeable the difference is. Besides it looks really cool, too!!!
I checked out your new website and liked it very much.
Thanks again

I've been using your strings now for 3 years and couldn't be happier.
I've put 5,6 and so far this year, 3 deer down using your strings
on my Exomax. I've only ever had one problem (my fault) which you
instantly solved and for that I'm very happy and thankful.
I've slowed down a lot on the amount of time I spend shooting, so
haven't had the need to have you reserve my strings in two years.
You reserved the first, and it is still rock solid. (Just like your advice
on all topics including STS issues). I have a second string in my bag for
when that day does come that I do need to send it in for reserving because
I know I won't want to go back to a regular dacron string even temporarily.
My Best,
Pete   e longitude

Hi Don,
it has been a while but this is a perfect time to thank you for your gift, a beautiful Dacron Boo string for my old EXOMAX, it was a total surprise when i received it after simply inquiring about your strings and some of yor well known expertise; it still shoots perfect, looks beautiful and this season put a beautiful 6 pointer down the first time out.
I have to add, with some shame that as i sighted in my XBOW before the hunt, the first shot was a DRY FIRE!!!!
The limbs survived and so did your STRING.
I tip my hat to you for you great skills, Honorable Business Attitude and your Generosity.,


Laura Scharich

Hi Don!
You don't know how much I appreciate all the help you gave me when I was having string issues. I love your strings and will always use them. They lower the decibels and have a nice solid sound on my bow. Thank you again for your knowledge and professionalism.