Boo Custom Strings
Products and Pricing
All prices are in US dollars except where noted.

Boo String, (for any limb with Mag Tips) Served with 0.036" Angel Majesty. These strings are pretty much stable in 50 to 60 shots. $50.00 (includes shipping anywhere unless postage to your country is ridiculous). 

Force 10 String.  This is my most recent offering. It is available in red, dark OD green, blue, silver, black, flo green, medium brown and flo yellow.. It is a 30 strand string served with 0.035" Angel Majesty. Price will be $40.00. This string is faster than the 40 strand string and is stable in about 15 shots and few if any adjustments in brace height afterwards.

To order a Force 10 string an email should be sent rather than the order form below. 

I have other string materials, some in very limited colours so please ask if you have anything in mind. Astroflight is an excellent material and I have it in a moderate number of colors. 

Served on Cat Whiskers, the best way to lower noise and shock at a cost of about 6 ft/sec. $19.00

Reserving is free for the life of the string. 

I will serve on Cat Whiskers only on strings that I made for $19.00 (includes shipping anywhere in Canada or Continental US)

Bohning Blazers
are available in white, hot pink, neon orange, neon yellow $4.00 per 25 plus shipping
Shipping is included if ordered with a string order. 
Do yourself a favor and use the same colour Blazer for all 3 vanes. Shoot the arrow with different vanes as the cock vane to see which vane, when used as the cock vane, groups with the others. When you figure out which vane is best used at the cock vane, mark it or colour it with a magic marker. If you use white, you can colour the cock vane any colour to differentiate it from the others.
I have 3" Silent Knights in white and flo yellow and if there is interest indicated by purchases I will stock more colors. 

Black Eagle Arrow Zombie Slayer shafts 0.001" with aluminum (28 gr) or brass inserts (80 or 92 or 110 gr) and rear nocks (any colour). Each dozen come with 40 Blazers. Shafts are cut to the length of your choice. 
$xxx CDN  plus $15.00 shipping in Canada. I am out of stock in shafts and will be reordering in January with new pricing. 
I now have 0.001" Black Eagle Arrow Executioner factory assembled arrows available. They are fletched with a Bohning Blazers and come in 20", 18" and 16". They are excellent performers and are very reasonably priced. The 16" are currently sold out and will be reordered in January.

Black Eagle Arrow shafts are the finest available to date. Executioners are about a 300 spine and Zombies are 25% more still yeilding about a 225 spine. I have had sub 1" groups at 50 yards out of my Excalibur 405 Matrix using factory built Executioners using field tips. 
Red Lumenoks for Black Eagle Arrow Zombies or Executioners $12.00 CDN, no postage cost if bought with strings or arrow shafts. 
If you are using Lumenoks, you might be interested in Burt Coyote's Extinguisher. It is perfect for turning the light off without pulling the Lumenok too far out. Pulling them too far out can cause a semi-dryfire. The Extinguisher also doubles as an arrow puller. 
Burt Coyote Extinguisher $11.00

Rear nocks (plastic). I have been using them for years with no issues whatsoever. Plastic is less prone to damage and if they do get damaged they do not cut the string like aluminum nocks do. Aluminum nocks also have a nasty habit of scraping the arrow track in the main frame. The smell from the shot and damage from aluminum nocks simply isn't there with plastic nocks. Lastly changing a plastic nock takes a second where aluminum nocks are sometimes impossible to remove without damage to your shaft. Plastic nocks are simply better!
Nocks are 20 cents CDN each for black, neon yellow and neon orange in any quantity.
Talk to me if you want anything special. Squaring or marking the spine can be done.

You need a stringing aid if you own an Excalibur crossbow. You need it to install my strings or to simply adjust braceheight. Unwinding the string enough to install my strings without a stringing aid will unravel the string. That is the only way a Flemish string can become unravelled. If you do not have a stringing aid do not bother ordering a string from me. Failure to use a stringing aid will result in the string becoming unravelled and useless and I will not replace the string. Stringing aids are not expensive and if you need I can provide you with a stringing aid for $26.00 plus shipping.

This is a very robust, heavy duty stringing aid using high density polyethelyne. It is capable of handling the heaviest Excalibur crossbow with confidence!
Ordering Information - orders missing or inaccurate information will be discarded. If you are unsure about your order please contact me. I have spent way too much time chasing down; last names, parts of adresses, colours of string material and whiskers that I do not offer.
If you wish, you can send me an email and we will discuss what you want first and when we are both happy you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Do not send a letter or PM. Please make sure you stick to one email thread, it allows me to organize all of the orders.
If you have already ordered a string previously, then go ahead and use the form at the bottom of this page. Otherwise, please read all of the list below. It has all the information I need to make you a string.

How long have you been shooting a crossbow?
 (sorry I need to know)

What bow is this string for? Bows with a flat riser as opposed to a limb forward riser use slightly different strings.

Strand material,
either Fast Flight or Xcel(a Boo string).

Strand Colours
(2 choices, my advice is to get contrasting colours)

Total number of strands  The most popular string by far is the 40. It is most picked because the only minus compared to the 36 is a couple of feet per second. For that you get a string that is in theory more accurate because the center of the string is closer to the center of the arrow, it is slightly lower in noise and shock, it is lower in string creep and the obvious is that if you cut the string it's almost impossible to have the string unusable. At 40 strands you'd have to cut nearly 10 to make the string the same strength as the factory string.

Serving length 4" is normal,  5.25" is for a S5/STS string stopper. There is no practical need for a 5.25" serving as no one to date has damaged one of my strings at the serving when a 4"  was used with a string stopper. It is ok to loose speed if it achieves a purpose like noise reduction, but the extra weight of the extended serving is a waste of string speed. The drawback behind using a 4" serving and a string stopper is that the rubber bumpers will make the string look messy after repetitive shots. My personal preference is the 5" serving with S5/STS string stopper. One benefit on using a 5.25" serving is that it will resist separation, better than a 4" serving.

Serving material (do not answer if you are ordering a Boo string)


Cat Whiskers, yes or no, colour

Normal brace height? Half way? A couple of string widths below the highest mark? Please describe your brace height.

Any special notes/requests? Here you can choose strand count, a different serving, different serving diameter etc.

Name, email address, shipping address, phone number

Instructions for when you receive your string. Please follow them closely.

Do NOT open the package with anything sharp as in a knife or razor!!! When you get your string please wax the whole string. I suggest you use a soft wax that contains silicone. Wax the serving every 30 shots or so and most importantly, when you are finished shooting for the day. Properly applied very little is ever needed. For the most part while shooting all that is needed is a very small amount applies and rubbed in where the string rides along the rail. For optimum serving life take the string off the bow and roll the string over 180 degrees every once in a while so that more than one side of the serving is used. Wax the string every few hundred shots and don't forget the loops! Again, wax the string before putting the bow away so that the wax will soak in. If you wax it just before shooting the wax will be shot off and will not penetrate the string material.

Your string will come with the ends clipped together. That is the length I want you to install it at. Untwisting will likely damage the string so please have faith and install it the way you receive it.  

Using a stringing aid install the string as it comes in the package. The ends of the sting will be clipped together to keep it at a length I want you to install it a. Allow it to settle in by shooting it after the string sits idle overnight or a few days. Make adjustments of no more than two twists at a time when adjusting brace height. If you have a Matrix set the brace height so that the string is about 1/4" away from the bumpers of the REDS or 5/8" from where the rise meets the rail. Basically 2 string widths from the bumpers.

You need a stringing aid to install my strings. Unwinding the string enough to install my strings without a stringing aid will unravel the string. I will not replace the string for free if it comes back to me unraveled.  If you do not have a stringing aid send the string back and I will refund your money.

If you have whiskers, then you can trim them to increase speeds, keeping in mind that you gain noise.

If there is anything you do not understand contact me before installing the string!

Serving separation is guaranteed not to happen within a couple of hundred shots. If it happens just send it back with a letter of explanation. I may ask for a picture of the string on the bow in case it is caused by a defect in the bow. I will still reserve it for free, but if there is something wrong with the bow that is causing damage the bow I obviously want it rectified before you install the reserved string.

Do not send payment until you get a PayPal invoice or notification from me.  Payment is by PayPal or EMT.

Complete the form below when you know what you want. Don't be shy about asking questions. Many have sent over 10 emails with questions before finalizing their orders. The email link is in the top right hand corner of every page. Orders for 40 strand strings will only be taken with the form below. Payment is by Pay Pal or EMT.

If you have any questions you can send me an email  to

Any order forms sent in without all the fields completely filled out will not be accepted.

If you want more than one string note that in the special notes field. 

I cannot change an order so if you need to change anything send an email asking me to delete the order and resubmit another order or just wait until I contact you just prior to starting your string.

If you have any problems or questions I will be happy to help you out by email or phone.


The form will not only submit an order but it will also submit your IP address, time and date.

Once you have ordered a string by all means ask for an approximate completion date or any other questions you might have by sending and email to or by calling my cell 416 566 7966