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Quality products made in North America. These products will promote safety and make cocking your bow far easier than you can imagine. There are too many benefits to list here so please click the picture and visit the website
These are good quivers made by hard working, honest people that care! Click the picture and see what they are all about!

Kodabow produces an advanced recurve crossbow in Pennsylvania with a simple and innovative design. Every crossbow ships with an Automatic Safety and an Anti-Dry Fire System, a crisp patented 4.5 lb CFT� (Cam Following Trigger) for high accuracy, Destringing Aid, Rope Cocking Aid and integrated String and Rail Dampeners. String maintenance or emergency maintenance to replace a damaged string is easily performed in camp or in the field. Speeds are consistent with recurve level performance and the 225 lb crossbow will shoot up to 350 fps.

Limb options include 225, 200, 185, 155 and 125 lb. weights in either Mossy Oak New Breakup camo or a Black Night Weave pattern depending on the model. The fully machined rail and riser and offers hunter friendly features such as a fully adjustable 6 position stock (interchangeable with a AR-15 style firearm), handguard, 7 position vertical grip with recessed storage compartment, and AR-15 pistol grip. The crossbow has a reputation for a very low noise signature at the shot with minimal vibration for the shooter. With the extended area rail system, any standard rail accessory such as a bipod, light, laser, or bow fishing system can be easily attached forward of the grip . The company uses Hawke optics with 3x32 versions (both standard and illuminated reticles) as popular customer choices. Kodabow authorizes and approves the use of custom Boo Strings for additional customization.  Additional information is available at
Custom Crossbow Stocks by Mike Riesterer
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The crossbow craze has spawned an abundance of new accessories in 2010 but none more revolutionary than the Optimizer Speed Dial from HHA Sports, Inc.  "Our long-time success in the bow sight business and some of the same technology is making this product a home run for crossbow dealers and end users" said Chris Hamm, National Sales Manager for HHA.   A crossbow sight mount that brings to the yard accuracy to your existing set up, the Speed Dial drew the attention of Hawke Optics, LLC. of Fort Wayne Indiana ( at the ATA Show in January.  Days later a deal was in place for Hawke to manufacture two 3 x 32 single hair scopes for HHA.  Offered in both a standard 30/30 reticle and an Illuminated L4 Hybrid, Solo X Scopes will be available in the spring of 2010.  Packaged on the Optimizer Speed Dial and sold separately, Solo X scopes are unique in that they will also work on air guns, muzzleloaders, rifles and shotguns.  Mike Kurtz, Hawke Sales Executive, had the following statement.  "We see this as a great opportunity to partner with a highly respected name in the archery industry and increase awareness of both our brands within the crossbow market."  Both the mount and scope are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

HHA Sports, Inc. ( can be contacted at 800-548-7812 and is based in Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin.

Hawke Optics, LLC. can be reached at 877-429-5347.
After 15 years of dominating the one pin bow sight market with its Optimizer Series, HHA Sports is bringing their single point aiming technology to crossbows.  The revolutionary Optimizer Speed Dial uses your existing scope or red dot and HHAs patented Speed Tape System to provide accuracy never before seen on a crossbow.  Fast, 2 bolt installation of this rock-solid, 7 oz. CNC machined aluminum marvel will have you shooting 2 groups at 60 yards and 4" groups at 80 yards in minutes.  Simply sight in at 20 and 60 yards, select your customized tape and you're dialed in from 20 to 80 by the yard!  Optimizer Speed Dial fits most of today's popular crossbows and covers speeds from 260 to 410 FPS.  Contact HHA Sports at 800-548-7812 and at